What is Brickingham?

Here in Brickingham, we’re life-long lovers of LEGO®. We grew up surrounded by these delightful little bricks and as we transitioned into adulthood, we never left the joy they bring us behind.

That said, the way many of us play with LEGO® as adults has changed. We still get excited about larger sets when we can find the big blocks of time needed for such builds, as do our kids, but it’s the smaller builds we find ourselves returning to again and again.

Adulting is stressful. For AFOLs like us, a quick build can be just the decompression break we need to get our heads back in the game. So, for those of you who find that these little colorful bricks help you relax in your daily downtime, Brickingham is for you.

Our collection of animated instruction videos is intended to be a place where you can come grab ideas/parts and have a short guided play session wherever you happen to be.

The Brickingham team are avid collectors, not just of bricks, but of many things. We love movies, TV, video games, books, music, and we collect all of those (and more!). But as we’ve transitioned into the digital era, we’ve turned most of our collections from physical objects to ones and zeros. Our movies live on a hard-drive. Our music comes from the cloud. Our books live on a tablet. But our LEGO® is much harder to consolidate that way, especially if you like to display your models!

So, in that way, Brickingham is for us. It’s our digital collection. This is our way of storing and remembering our builds, short and long, without needing to find the ever larger space needed to accommodate them all. We hope you enjoy poking around!